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Horsemen and travellers outside an inn - Pieter van OsI just wrote a post at my personal blog that straddles the line between history, game design, and world building. Since it isn’t exclusively world-building  oriented, I didn’t post it here, but I think the content may be of interest to WBA readers.  You can find that post here:

Lodgings in Fantasy Settings: Where Do Adventurers Spend the Night?

Here’s a common scene in western medieval-based fantasy:

“The weary adventurers rode into the village as twilight fell, looking for an inn where they could spend the night…”

The fact is, depending on the exact location and era (or its analog to our own times), these road-weary travelers are just as likely to end up sleeping in stables or some family’s cottage or cow byre as they are in an inn. Or more likely, in many cases.

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