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World Building Academy Presents:

How to Beat the #1 Killer of Believability in Fictional Worlds

When:   Available now. This is a recording of a live teleclass.  
Where:  Online teleclass. After you register by paying (below), you’ll be emailed the download info for the class and your bonus content.
Presenter:  Deborah Teramis Christian
Special Bonus Guest Interview:  Ursula K. Le Guin

There’s a killer lurking in your world, and I don’t mean one you put there on purpose. 

The Assassin by Deligaris @ deviantartThis killer is a force for destruction. It can nibble away at your world, from the deepest roots to the tips of the branches, and cause costly damage along the way. It will cost you in quality, in believability, and in marketability of your work.

How do I know this? Simple. I used to fall prey to this, too. Then there came a time when I was editing game material for Dungeons & Dragons. Every day I had my hands on writing that sprang from constructed worlds. And there I first saw the face of this killer.

Once I identified it, things have never been the same since.

Once I recognized this problem, I noticed it in all kinds of fiction and constructed worlds.

Have you ever had that feeling that a setting is not working quite right, and can’t put your finger on why? Well, this Believability Killer is very often a cause of exactly that problem.

It causes a lot of other headaches, too.  It undermines your excellent creative work and can make your setting fall flat in unexpected ways. Sometimes it can loom so large that people will walk away from the world you’ve created and never give it a second chance.

I learned to overcome this problem, and it’s easy to do–once you know how. I want to help you avoid this very avoidable pitfall in world design and craft the best setting you can. In this teleclass I give 90 minutes of great information you can use immediately in your world building, and answer some questions at the end as well.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The one thing that most quickly destroys an audience’s belief in a fictional world.
  • The two kinds of “belief” in a setting, and which one is essential to master for fictional uses.
  • The 3 best ways to stop the Believability Killer in its tracks
  • The secret formula that makes an audience buy into your world whole-heartedly.

–and much more.

If your world setting does not grab your audience and sweep them away into Storyland, there’s a reason for that. Several reasons, probably–and on Wednesday we’ll dig down into one of the most common of  them. This teleclass strips the mystery away from that piece of the puzzle.

Invest in yourself and learn how to avoid this sneaky pitfall. I learned how and my work improved because of it. Yours can too.

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Teleclass: Beat the #1 Killer of Believability    Price: 39.95   

In this teleclass you’ll get solid, insightful information that you can use in your world building right away. And at the end of this class I’ll give you a link to two special bonuses:

1. A “Believability Worksheet” a six-page tool that helps you apply what you learn in this class. This practical aide steps you through the process of vetting your work and helps you weed out the Believability Killer as you go. It reflects material that I cover in the class and gives you an orderly process to use as you critically assess your own work.

2. An exclusive interview with distinguished author Ursula K. Le Guin. Ursula is a multiple recipient of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, author of The Left Hand of Darkness, The Wizard of Earthsea, and many other modern classics, and has been recognized  by the Library of Congress as a “Living Legend” for her huge contribution to American culture.  She recently chatted with me about believability in fiction, her process in world-building, and much more. This unique interview with this master of American letters is available to you as a free bonus when you register for our “#1 Killer” teleclass.  At a future point in time we will be making this special recording available to the public, but the timing of that is not yet set. For now this special interview is available only as a bonus for our class attendees.

“I’m so glad I checked this out, because when I first heard about the #1 Killer of Believability Workshop I had several thoughts about what this killer might be. However, I was wrong. It seems obvious when you learn what it is, but it had not occurred to me. I can also see how it could be immediately jarring and put the gamer or reader off immediately, their suspension of disbelief crushed.

“I also liked how Teramis broke this faux pas into discrete categories to help me spot and eliminate the problem. The bonus PDF worksheet was nice too.

“I was interested in the workshop because I’m a game master and world builder. And now I’ve got an extra tool in my kit to make my games better. Thanks Teramis!”

Johnn Four, Roleplaying Tips
Johnn Four
Roleplaying Tips GM website (
Ennie/Gencon award winning writer of NPC Essentials and
author/editor of the GM Mastery series of rpg gaming aids.

You’re going to LOVE this call especially if:

 You want to make sure your setting is believable.

 You want to create a feeling of immersion in your fictional world.

 You’re working on a setting intended for publication, and need it to stand up to critical scrutiny.

 Your world-building is collaborative or shared, and you want to make sure it is as robust as possible even though there are many cooks in the kitchen.

You can register for the class at the link below. There is no risk to do so.
I look forward to seeing you online!

“Create worlds, change lives.”


I want you to get the best solutions you can for your world building problems. I’m so sure that you’ll benefit from this class that I am offering this at NO RISK to you. If you attend this teleseminar and feel at the end that it really offered you nothing of value, I will refund your money, no questions asked, if you request a refund within 7 days of purchase.



Teleclass: Beat the #1 Killer of Believability    Price: 39.95   


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