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caduceus single snakeList subscribers receive world-building tips on a regular basis. From time to time I’ll develop a worksheet to help apply something that has been discussed in a tip.

While I will not publish the tip itself here on the blog (sorry, those are for subscribers only!), I will make the worksheet available  publicly.  And that’s what I’m posting today: a worksheet on Illness and Disease, for a forthcoming tip.

This worksheet gives questions to think about when rounding out how a society regards illness and disease, and the consequences of these beliefs.

This worksheet is a direct complement to the corresponding tip, which gives more info and context for this exercise.  If you’re a list subscriber you may not yet have received this tip (though it’s in the queue to you).  You won’t be missing anything if you don’t download it here.  You’ll receive a direct download link for this worksheet when the tip arrives in your inbox.

For folks who’ve come to this page through an internet search, or just general surfing, you can grab a copy of this free worksheet  if you’re interested. Just share this page to a social network of choice, and you’ll have access to a download link for the information.

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