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foundation and joistsIn the larger world building method that I teach, there is a process we go through before the main design work even begins. In this process we define some “givens” that will shape and influence all the world building that follows.  It is a foundation that determines how your world will grow.

This video is an introduction to that “Core Concept” process. This video is Part 1; Part 2 will follow in the next few weeks after I’ve finished some other pressing projects.

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If you want to work through the Core Concepts process for your own world, you’ll find the Worksheet below to be especially helpful. This detailed 7-page resource and worksheet covers some things that the brief video overview doesn’t have time to go into. If you’ll share this page with friends, the worksheet is yours for free.

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10 Responses to Core Concepts: Building a Foundation

  1. Joe B says:

    Why is there a picture of a column and joists? Is that supposed to be a foundation?

  2. TheGrue says:

    Yes, this is what I need. Basics to get me started that won’t bog me down from the get-go.

    Thank you!

    Want more!

  3. @RA_Whipple says:

    Hi Teramis! I passed this along to the group in Warsaw hoping some will take more interest in sharing themselves in the RPGs they play. An antiquated idea for some but a great way to get engrossment from people open to new worlds outside their predefined comfort zone.

    Your short outline calls bullshit to the no-time argument.

    • Teramis Teramis says:

      Thanks for passing it on, Richard. I know this info is helpful for someone, it’s just a question of getting it in front of the right eyeballs. 😀

      As to the “no time” issue: historically world building has been an incredible time sink, as anyone who has spent years tinkering with a setting can tell you. But that is largely due to the particular process people follow, not to the activity of “world building” in and of itself. It CAN be done in an effective, manageable manner, and that’s one of things I’m here to teach: a method that lays a foundation and then refines some or all of it to whatever degree the world builder needs or wants.

      Am looking forward to sharing the rest of this video as soon as possible – I feel like I’m through half a conversation with this one, but I’m squeezing in production of the second half between bouts of writing frenzy. To Be Continued!

      • @RA_Whipple says:

        Exactly why I shared this straightforward coherent information: to dispell the idea that world building has to be a complicated process best left to professionals. I mean it can be a total wool gathering exercise but it does not have to be.

        I look forward to your next installment myself, and I will pass that along too.

        Much obliged to you for boiling the process of world building down so anyone can do it easily in a non-threatening video, which conveys a practical understanding of the direct tasks to be done.

        • Teramis Teramis says:

          Thank you for your kind words. Since I haven’t put this out to the public before, I have no idea how it is going to be received, or what people think of the video. I appreciate the feedback. :)

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