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This is the contest page for our past event from November 2012. Click “Contests” tab in the menu bar for current contests.


Kell Myers: “Classified Document”

In addition to being the author of this delightfully quirky and humorous entry, Kell is also the creative talent behind Skwervo Games, where he is working on developing “The Writer’s System,” an interesting story-game-centric ruleset for RPGs. According to his website, it is “a flexible and adaptable set of rules for gamers who want an RPG with deep storytelling elements and a dynamic character creation process.” You can check it out here.

Random Prize Drawing Winners*

Ernesto Ramirez
Tad Kelson

*This was a short-run contest and we did not have a large number of entries. As it happens, only three were submitted by list members. It is due to the quality of their submissions that these three all made it to the finals here, but it is because of this small pool that they are also the prize drawing winners.

The lesson from this for list members who did not submit is: Enter next time! You probably have a really good chance of landing some swag!

Teramis thanks Jennifer and Kirin for their kind assistance with the judging. All of us extend a hearty Congratulations to our finalists and winner. Thank you for sharing your creations with us all!

Oct-Nov 2012. Contestants were asked to write up a person, place, or thing in 500 words or less. They were to take a premise that challenges believability in some way and make it plausible by virtue of how it is presented. This contest was inspired by the subject matter of our “#1 Killer of Believability” workshop.

Contest announcement and rules.

Prizes: The winner gets a complementary pass to the Killer of Believability workshop, or a voucher of equivalent value good for other WBA products or programs. In addition, a random drawing will award prizes to two other WBA list members who participated in the contest.


The three finalists were chosen by Deborah Teramis Christian, founder of the World Building Academy. Their submissions can be read at these links. Note that all submissions are under copyright of their respective authors. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Ernesto Ramirez Gomez: Sea of Ashes

The black sand felt like ash against the skin, it even moved in the same way against the wind. Not that it mattered, as far as the eye could reach there was nothing but black ash. Except in the north, there the mountain range raised like giant guardians keeping vigil as if waiting for an ancient evil to come back and tumble them down into dust… ____Read More___

Tad Kelson: Land of Milk and Honey

There is a place tucked away from the rest of civilization, away from prying eyes. It lies somewhere past the Black Star Sea, across forgotten stretches of ocean and beyond nameless islands. There is a place lost to most memory, but retained in a few childhood rhymes. It is called The Land of Milk and Honey. The rhymes all say the children there are never hungry….____Read More___

Kell Myers: Classified Document



SUBJECT: Status of Operation Star Shield

1. The current plans for Operation Star shield have been judged no longer feasible. Originally, the plan was to place Starbase Soaring Eagle in orbit around Mars…____Read More___

Judging Criteria

Two judges rank submissions; their cumulative scores determine the winner among the entries. Submissions are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for these qualities: 1) the underlying premise is fantastic and taxes believability; 2) the way it is presented offers a good reason why this fantastic thing should be believed; 3) how well it succeeds in making the audience buy into it; and 4) how intriguing it is–i.e., how well it makes the audience want more of this person, place, or thing.

Our Judges

Jennifer Pelland

Jennifer PellandJennifer lives outside Boston with an Andy, three cats, and an impractical amount of books. She’s a two-time Nebula nominee for her short fiction, and her first novel Machine was released at the beginning of the year from Apex Publications. She most recently has stories out in Dark Faith: Invocations and Demon Lovers: Succubi and will have stories out soon in Unidentified Funny Objects and The Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed along with an essay in Chicks Unravel Time, the latest Doctor Who book from Mad Norwegian Press. Because spare time is for the weak, she’s also a performing belly dancer and an occasional radio theater actor. For more, visit

If you’d like to check out Jennifer’s stories, you can find her works here:
Machine, Dark Faith, UFO, Chicks Unravel Time, and of course one of Teramis’s favorites, because she edited this anthology: In the Manner of His Choosing in Demon Lovers: Succubi.

Kirin Robinson

Kirin Robinson (credit: Rob Moore)

Kirin Robinson (credit: Rob Moore)

Kirin Robinson is a game and graphic designer from Los Angeles. He is the author of the Gold ENnie award-winning Old School Hack, a very well-received quick-to-play game that is a reimagining of 1981 Basic D&D, but using some modern gaming concepts. He is also active in the indie storygame community. A voracious consumer of media both current and classic, he is consumed with the desire to map as many corners of his personal worlds as possible and get people to explore them.

Old School Hack


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