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virus infected - Deleket attrib nc nd cc3I expected to announce today that our long-awaited Gazetteer Writer’s Manual is available.

Instead I must tell you that it is almost here. I very unhappily report that a computer virus I’ve been battling for a week (and haven’t been able to eradicate) has obliterated some of our work on the eve of our book launch.

I was working (in safe mode!) on the doc to add some additional content that I really wanted you to have, and then things went to hell in a handbasket, with file errors, no saves, and garbage in place of characters. Through some clever geekery I’ve been able to move things to another (borrowed) machine, but now have to repair the damage to the manuscript before I can finish the ebook conversion process.  This has also delayed other pre-launch work that also needs to get done before we can go on sale.

My moderate estimate is that we’ll launch in 24 hours; my pessimistic outside guesstimate is 48. Book contest results will be announced when everything is a GO.

I’m going to have to wipe the OS on my main computer, it’s that bad of a problem (the kind that’s stopping AV tools from running), but that’s a headache for next week. For now, I’m working to get this wonderful book out to you, and some other surprises as well. I think you’ll like how this turned out. It’s really kind of a cool book, and as a matter of fact I don’t think there’s anything like it on the market.

I’ll update you as soon as we’re ready to launch, and I apologize for the delay to everyone who has been looking forward to this book.


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