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Quick update: I am seeing some unusual behavior on the back end of this site, and the forum has gone intermittently  unaccessible as well.  I can’t tell right now if this is the result of WordPress being hacked, or because of some ongoing fitful service I’ve been getting from my ISP.

As a safety precaution, I have disabled the registration function. This means that no new users can register to post in the forum. (Anyone can read the posts already there.) This will remain the case until I get site performance straightened out, or until I move the forum to a new platform. I am about to launch some classes later this summer and we’ll need a forum to discuss class content and projects in, so that development is just around the corner.  Meanwhile, please feel free to join the G+ World Building community, a group I started, if you have general world building questions and want a friendly group to chat with.  Thanks.

To be continued…

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